June Legends – Amanda Selby

???? Amanda’s Story ????
I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with this beautiful woman yesterday, and she was kind enough to share with me her story. Luckily for you, she has a big enough heart that she has let me share it with you all! ???
About two and a half years ago when Amanda returned from overseas with her daughter, she felt that something had to change. She said that she couldn’t put her finger on what exactly it was, but at age 50, her time was now. ????
Amanda started with changing her diet then after 6 months of dieting she decided she needed to add gym into the mix (now it’s time to note that Amanda had NEVER been a gym person in her life before)! After taking the hardest step, walking through the doors here at BodyCare, Amanda began the next phase of her life changing journey.
Starting off with classes and one PT session with Mel a week, then upping the ante to two PTs a week.
“The thought that I have to see Mel twice a week keeps me motivated between times.”
Amanda loves that she can come in if it’s too cold or too dark or too wet outside, and appreciates the motivation that the staff give her here.
60kgs down so far ?????? (yes 60kgs) and she is aiming for another ten.
Thank you beautiful woman for sharing your life with us, for making a lifestyle change and for being the best version of you.
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