3 Secrets To Great Fitness Habits

So you made New Year’s Resolutions back in January, but now life is getting in the way. Here’s a simple formula for beating that procrastination.

There are two types of people when it comes to exercise: those who know they SHOULD be exercising but aren’t really keen – and those who make exercise a non-negotiable every day. Most of us sit somewhere in between.

Research shows that there are three key factors when it comes to establishing the fitness habit for the long haul.

1. Manage your workout

Take control of both the duration and intensity of your training and remember that frequency before intensity is paramount. You are more likely to stick to the plan if you stay within your capabilities and don’t push too hard. The most important thing is just getting into the habit.

2. Choose things you can do and that make you feel good

You risk feeling demoralised and giving up if you feel something is outside your physical capabilities – or just isn’t you.  It’s important to celebrate the small wins to keep your confidence high when you start exercising. Focus on the immediate gains: increased energy levels, feeling less stressed, better sleep quality, and the endorphin buzz you experience following a workout.

3. Keep it social

Whether it’s a personal trainer, your friend, or attending a group fitness class, exercising with other people can make everything so much easier. Firstly, there’s the commitment to someone else – you’re far less likely to miss a workout if it means you’re letting someone down. Then there are the positive social aspects; it makes it so much easier to build up the exercise habit when you feel connected to others during your workout.

Apply these tips to your fitness journey. Soon you too will be exercising, not because you know you should, but because you can’t imagine life without it.