4 Ways To Fit In Fitness When You Don’t Have Time

Time is precious. But so are you, and you deserve time to work on being the best version of you.

If you want to be happier, improve energy levels, decrease stress and be better at what you want to be better at then making time for exercise is essential.

If you are using an excuse of being “too busy” to exercise, then something seriously needs to change because fitting in fitness comes down to priorities.

Here are four tips on how to fit in fitness for the time-poor.

#1 Get into short, high-intensity workouts. They don’t take up lots of precious time, and they’re effective.  The bonus of high-intensity interval training is that your body will keep burning fat long after you have finished sweating. Try a class like LES MILLS GRIT®, LES MILLS SPRINT® (a short, high-intensity workout on a bike), or CXWORX® (this will target your core in a just a 30-minute format).

#2 Don’t spend all day checking your phone. Schedule checking personal emails and social media to just 2-3 times daily – and then turn off all those alerts. It’s easy to be distracted throughout the day by constant “bleeps” that demand your attention. This can free up an enormous amount of time over a day; time you can use to exercise! No excuses.

#3 Combine social catch-ups with working out. Go to the gym with a mate and chat your heart out while you have a sweat session together. Or do a lunch-time walk with a friend if your work day is demanding and you are keen on something less intense.

#4 Spend less time dreaming, and more time “doing”. If you are great at making big plans but not so good at “action”, then reassess your motivation levels and focus on doing more for “you”. You deserve to be the best version of you.