Are You A Cherry Picker?


Do you see a workout with a few movements you’re not keen on and decide that you’re due for a rest day?  On the other hand, do you plan to take a much-needed rest day and see a workout that looks too fun to pass up, so you show up anyway?

If you answered yes, you might be a cherry-picker! For some, the solution is as simple as not looking at the workout ahead of time.  Committing to do the session no matter what it is, is critical. Similarly, committing to rest when needed no matter what is just as important.  Remind yourself how awesome you are for showing up for something you may not think you’re great at because you see the bigger picture; that your fitness will benefit from being “constantly varied,” and variety includes things you’re good at as well as things you’re not so good at yet. If you work on your weaknesses enough, they might sneak up on you and become strengths before you know it!

So how do you start seeing the progress you want to see?

When you look at the people making the most progress at the gym, these are the things they have in common:

They commit to a workout schedule (either a set routine or to set amount of days per week).

They push themselves appropriately and set goals based on their tracking.

They don’t come up with new programming plans every week–they stay focused on the big picture.

They get enough sleep and eat quality foods regularly.

They come early or stay late to do mobility work.

They focus on full range of motion and good form to get the full benefit of each exercise.

They keep a positive attitude! Celebrate each little victory along the way, and enjoy the ride!