Become A Winter Workout Warrior

Winter is here….and the temptation to take a break from your exercise routine and take up a permanent position on the couch is upon us! And as our motivation drops lower than the outside temperature, we must commit to fighting back, by continuing to be the active, healthy human beings we are during the warmer months.

Easier said than done, right?

Here are a few ways you can keep motivated when it’s cold outside.

  1. Get some winter workout gear.

An extra layer over your skin can act as that placebo that gets you to your workout.

Make sure you also get a good pre and post workout jacket to shield yourself whilst getting to and from your training session.

  1. Switch the outdoors for indoors

Winter gives you the chance to mix it up a bit and freshen up your training for a couple of months.

Why not trade that run for a HIIT class, where you cab really get that heart rate up in a challenging 30min class?

Not a fan of the gym? When was the last time you were actually IN a gym? Today, most gyms offer personalised training and a huge range of classes and training options.

  1. Find a workout buddy to stay accountable

The best way to keep turning up to your workout – even when its pouring with rain and blowing a gale outside – is to be accountable to someone. If your trainer or your BFF is waiting for you at that 6am session, then you’re far more likely to leap out of bed and land in your workout sneakers when your alarm goes off.

So get yourself a workout buddy for winter –  it’s all the motivation you’ll need.

  1. Think about the beach


Because that’s where you’ll be in 5 months from now and you know you want to feel confident on the beach, right?

Don’t regret wasting the winter months when summer rolls around.

  1. Take on a challenge

Give yourself something to work towards. It might be an event like an obstacle course, a half-marathon or a triathlon…once you enter an event you’ll have a clear goal to achieve and a set amount of time to do it. Nothing motivates quite like a tough event on the horizon.