Finding Your Balance

Commencing an exercise regime is a fabulous start to the new year, but only smashing out high-intensity training is not going to be the answer. Yes, jump in and get sweaty but allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of mind-body sessions which will help you reset, give your mind space, nourish your body and revitalise your spirit.

Mind-body sessions work from the inside out, so regularly giving back to your body will improve your stress levels, sleep quality, digestion, flexibility and strength, immune system….and much more.

Allowing yourself to recharge your batteries will create greater resilience in life and more productivity at work.

The sort of sessions which bring all these health benefits are; yoga, meditation, BODYBALANCE, pilates, having a swim, spa or sauna, or even just resting. There is nothing like an afternoon power nap for that extra boost of energy!

High levels of intense training without any lower impact, rest days or stretching and mobility sessions often lead to overuse injuries, muscle tightness and joint wear and tear, amongst other things.

High-intensity sessions provide great cardiovascular results for your heart, lungs and general fitness. They can also help build muscle strength and burn calories/fat depending on what movements you are doing, but they don’t always address your mental and emotional fitness.