Can You Get Your Gym Membership For Free?

Do you have private health insurance?  If so, you may be able to claim some or all of your gym membership!

Tier 1 funds:

Health Funds offering rebates exclusively to Fitness Australia Registered Businesses

Tier 2 funds:

The following businesses require business registration with Fitness Australia

  • NIB (download their form)

  • Note: You must have a referral form from a prescribing physician to be eligible to claim a rebate for fitness services.

Tier 3 funds:

The following funds require a medical referral and completion of appropriate documentation.

Please remember, the above information about specific funds should be taken as a guide only and is not an exhaustive list of funds recognising fitness services. The information was provided by Fitness Australia

If you hold private health insurance, contact your fund to determine what is required to gain a rebate and what level of rebate you are eligible to receive.