Healthy Habits to Adopt

January 1st is a distant memory, and the New Year’s resolutions we made aren’t likely to be much closer to the front of our minds.  It’s time to reassess, adopt some healthy habits instead and aim to hold onto these new practices consistently throughout the year.

The secret is to make a small change, nail it, and then build more healthy habits into your life as you go. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a complete overhaul in one “hit”. It may work for some people, but that approach can tend to overwhelm others. Ultimately, use whatever method works best for you.

Here are four healthy habit ideas to kickstart yours:

If you drink lots of coffee, try and cut back. Try drinking water or caffeine-free herbal tea instead. There are some amazing combinations out there to try. If you have sugar in your coffee then try and cut this back too – and ideally, eventually aim to cut it out altogether.

Introduce more greens into your day. Try having them for breakfast with poached eggs, salmon and avocado. This style of breakie can inject more greens and protein into your diet which is especially great if you are training heavily.

Getting enough beauty sleep is integral to your well-being. Staying up late can destroy your energy levels for the next day and even have an adverse effect on your weight. You need enough sleep so that you can concentrate and make good decisions in your day.

Be spontaneous and play more. Tap into your “inner-kid” and laugh out loud. It’s a key to happiness.