Healthy Weekday Lunch Hacks

There’s nothing wrong with eating out. But it can get expensive if you’re doing it every day on your work lunch break. It can also be hard to make the best choices for your health when you’re pressed for time.

There are many healthy and easy lunch recipes out there, but more often than not they require more preparation time and ingredients than you have on a weekday morning. Here are a few lunch hacks that will give your meal the healthy boost it might be craving.

Who says salad can’t be your friend?

Making a salad doesn’t have to be in the too-hard basket.  When it comes to prepping a salad for your lunch box, the simpler the better (and often tastier). Keep it simple with 3 to 4 of your favourite ingredients for a quick and tasty win.

ANYTHING on toast

Avocado, tuna, salad, cottage cheese, or even last night’s dinner – all of these go a treat on toast. Keep a loaf of bread in the work freezer so all you have to do is bring the toppings.

Leftovers? Yes please.

When you’re making dinner, double the recipe so you have enough for lunch the next day. It takes no extra effort and ‘tomorrow morning you’ will be eternally grateful for the time save. It will also save you money.

Greens + a protein + nuts + a simple dressing = A happy tummy

By following this simple formula and you can create an endless number of amazing lunchtime combinations. For example: spinach and rocket leaves, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, a handful of almonds and a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Try these simple fast food substitutions next time you’re eating out:

  • Exchange hot chips for rice or salad;

  • Instead of deep-fried, opt for grilled options;

  • Choose a glass of water over a high sugar drink (yep, that includes juice); and

  • Ensure that you’re always hydrated when you’re feeling hungry.

Healthy eating starts with your next food shop, so try to fill your trolley with more fruits and vegetables, and you’ll increase your chances of making better choices for every meal, not just lunch.