July Legends – Liana Grannery – The Chemo Club

The Chemo Club was originally started by the late  Mark Rimell; for those who are undergoing cancer treatment or even those who are in remission, they can come in, they can get together, they can talk to other people about their cancer.

A variety of exercises, depending on the individual are explained and carried out during the hour long sessions. There has been a lot of research into cancer and chemotherapy; the direct correlation between exercising whilst undergoing chemotherapy is astounding! If you can exercise within (either before or after) a few hours of receiving treatment, you are providing more blood volume into your muscles, therefore getting more drug into your muscles, therefore you are getting a much better response from the treatment. Research has also shown that patients were able to last longer on their treatment plan and those who were lightly exercising were getting far fewer side effects.

Liana volunteers her time to the Chemo Club. Running hour sessions twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. Thank you for everything Liana – we LOVE you!!!!
If you or someone you know would benefit from our free Chemo Club, please pass our details onto them.