Making Exercise Sustainable

There are only really two rules when it comes to exercise: do what you enjoy, and do it often.

Exercise should make you feel good. It’s not a punishment because you ate too much or because you think your butt looks too big. Exercise is to nurture and energise your body, to make it stronger and healthier.

If you look at exercise in a positive light, you’re far more likely to maintain it as part our your healthy lifestyle. To make that happen, you need to find and do something you love.

Get a routine that works for you.   Whether you like to get your sweat on early in the morning, in your lunch break or after work to release tension, find whatever works for you and do that.  There is no optimum time to do something great for your body and mind.

Change your workouts regularly.  It’s human nature to get bored of doing the same thing over and over.  In fact, the same thing goes for your muscles – they get bored and begin to adapt, which means you don’t get the same benefits after time.  Try to change up your workout routine every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your body and mind excited.  A mixture of strength, cardio and flexibility is a good way to go. And remember to fuel your body.  Just like you put the correct fuel in your car, you too need the right fuel to perform at your best.

Recovery is just as important as the time you spend working out.  If you don’t get enough recovery, you’ll be in danger of overuse injuries.  Sleep well, stretch and listen to your body.

And on those days that you want to give up, remember why you started in the first place.  Try doing an activity for just 15 minutes, after which time your endorphins have usually kicked in, and you’ll want more.  If not, rest up and remember tomorrow is another day.