Out With The Old…And In With The New

New Year’s Resolutions.  Like them or not, we all find ourselves making them.  And by creating them, we begin the year under unnecessary pressure, often without even realising it.

New Year’s resolutions – here are five to avoid.

  1. Resolutions

Research has shown that of all of us who set New Year resolutions only eight per cent of us see our plans actually come to fruition. But this is no excuse to lose ambition altogether. You just need a fresh approach to goal setting. Forget the concept of resolutions and instead, start setting goals. The word ‘resolution’ encourages us to focus on problems. Goal setting is a far more positive approach. Goals inspire optimism, progression and improvement, which set us up for success.

  1. This year I won’t eat [insert food here]

Turning this resolution into a reality is tricky. Rather than focusing on what you can’t eat, focus on what you do eat. Keeping a food journal is an awesome way to encourage healthy eating, and to keep yourself accountable for what goes into your mouth.

  1. I am going to lose 10 kilos

Stop focusing on the number, put your energy into healthy behaviour. Better your diet, move more often and sleep well. Doing this will improve your health and the way you feel.  You may lose some weight, but more importantly, you will feel amazing.

  1. I am going to exercise daily

Rather than experiencing burn-out in the first two weeks and doing nothing for the rest of January, focus on making small sustainable changes, one at a time, and building on your achievements.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals.

Be realistic about your life and create clear goals that you can work towards and achieve.  Good luck, and happy 2019!