Never ever give up.



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2
Crossfit Endurance
Crossfit Powerlifting
Crossfit Weightlifting
Punchfit Trainer
Punchfit Kick Pad Trainer
Tough Love Kettlebell level 1 Trainer
Tough Love Kettlebell level 2 Trainer
AIF Master Trainer
Australian Strength and Conditioning course level 1
Rehab Fx
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Certificate in Meditation
Certificate in Holistic Counselling
Diploma in Public Safety

Brief Intro into how I got into fitness:
I was about 20kg overweight in high school so I set out trying to lose that weight but unfortunately, did it all the wrong ways. I did end up losing the weight but it was a steep learning curve. This began my journey into learning everything I could about fitness. What I learned blew my mind, I’m still learning to this day.

Your number one focus:
To be a resource people can use to reach a goal or milestone on their Individual path. I try to “teach people to fish” rather than just give them “fish”! I’m a fan of the most pragmatic approach to get results so I like to keep things simple and avoid the fluff haha.

Fave training style:
I’m a fan of cross training, meaning I like to use whatever tool gets me the best results. I love bodyweight, weights, Kettlebells, natural movement... etc. I find this is the most fun and engaging way to train.

Final thoughts of yours:

Never stop learning!

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