No matter how you feel... get up, dress up & show up.


Certified Les Mills BodyPump Instructor
Certified Les Mills Barre Instructor
Trained Les Mills GRIT Instructor

Brief Intro into how I got into fitness:
Growing up I was always surrounded by active people but it wasn’t until I was approaching my 21st birthday when I really started to focus on my own fitness a little more intensely. I joined the gym (BodyCare of course) & began to attend group fitness classes a couple of times a week, also tackling my anxiety about walking into a room full of people!! As I became more confident in the surroundings & with what my body was capable of I started adding more & more classes to my weekly routine, trying a mix of weights & cardio. Pump & Attack soon becoming two of my favourites. 2017 came along & I was approached to train in BodyPump – which was an opportunity that I jumped at!! I have spent a year & a half working in the fitness industry & enjoy it every day.

Your number one focus:
My number one focus as a group fitness instructor is to give all members in my classes the BEST work out, a bit of education & a touch of banter! As well as absorbing as much information from the people around me who have been in the industry for years.

Fave training style:
Favourite training style would definitely have to be anything group fitness (to keep me accountable) & weight related, always working on the legs & booty ????

Final thoughts of yours:
It is amazing how one workout can change your mood, not to mention your outlook on life!

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