Power Abs Workout

**** OK so you want to feel the burn in your tummy? Then how about you do a little bit of abs training (go on we dare you).

If you are unsure of any of the moves then hit us up when you’re in the Club next, or book in a PT and we will go through it all with you. Start off as you need to – those of you who have been training for some time should be able to complete the 4x rounds, those of you who are just starting, returning from injury (or had a bubba) take it easy on yourself – ALWAYS remember to listen to your body.

10x Leg Lifts – With these you want to get yourself positioned comfortably on your back. The idea is that you lift both legs off the ground while engaging your core. You can pop your hands under the small of your back for some extra stability if you need to. Lift the legs together as far as you can (discomfort but NOT pain) then lower both legs back to the ground simultaneously. This is not a fast movement – controlled movement.

20x Bicycle Crunches – Stay on your back for these ones. You want to try and touch your opposite knee to elbow. Again, this needs to be a controlled move. Think about pulling your belly button in towards your spine while you are completing these burning pleasures.

15x Inverted Side Leg Lifts (each leg) – Choose your favourite side and lay on it (see, we’re so nice) now I want you to lift both legs off the ground slightly. The leg that is on top you are going to point your toes towards the leg that’s closest to the ground – yes it feels awkward. Now you need to keep both legs off the ground but the upper leg you are going to keep it straight and raise it (and keep your toes pointed awkwardly down). By keeping your toes pointed down you are going to restrict the movement of the leg by adding some resistance. You should feel this in your gluteus and your obliques. Now you’ve done 15x reps on your favourite side, flip yourself over and repeat on the other side.

10x Superman Front Lifts – OK now you get to lay down on your tummy (be gentle if you have a big tummy or those things on your chest that might get in the way – if you can’t lay on your tummy give us a call for an alternative). Stretch your arms and legs out so you are laying down and making yourself as long as possible. Now lift everything (yep all your arms and legs) up for the count of three (3) then bring them back down to starting position for the count of three (3). Repeat until you’ve done all ten (10).

10x Strict Sit-ups – To get into the correct position sit on your bottom with your legs out in front of you, drop your knees to the side and have your feet touching (there will be something that resembles a diamond shape), now lay down (keep your legs like that). This is your starting position. From here bring yourself up and touch the floor in front of your feet. Remember to keep your belly button pulled towards your spine while you are doing this.

OK yay you made it!! That’s one round. Repeat until you’ve completed 4x rounds. Enjoy the burn. ****