Sure, CrossFit can have you being a more buff, tougher and leaner version of yourself, but there are other positives to this quest that has taken on a life of its own. In fact, some of the advantages might just surprise you with their applicability in areas of your life not related to the box. Check out the top five ways that CrossFit can change your life for the better.


#1 CrossFit will increase your confidence


When you realise you can kick butt in every WOD, you can’t help but get a surge of confidence. This kind of confidence doesn’t end when you leave the box. In fact, you might just find it helps you to liaise with your boss about that pay rise, to negotiate a sales agreement with a demanding client, or to deal with the neighbour about the ever-annoying tree that keeps clogging your gutters.


#2 CrossFit will improve your posture


Think all our nagging about form is limited to your workouts? Think again. Your body starts to retain remarkable “muscle memory”, and that begins to affect your posture positively. You’ll stand up a little taller, and probably sit a little straighter in your chair, too. Good posture leads to better overall health, less head and back aches and that means fewer sick days. Winner winner!


#3 CrossFit will expand your sense of community


The CrossFit community is known for its loyalty. That allegiance doesn’t stop at sport and fellow CrossFitters either; it extends to the entire community. So, whether your box is raising funds for a local non-profit group (remember our Burpees for Boobs drive?), or volunteering at a community centre, once you’re a CrossFitter – be prepared to give back.


#4 CrossFit will encourage you to challenge yourself in new ways.


CrossFit is known to improve your energy levels, and all that extra passion and resilience has to go somewhere, right? Heaps of CrossFitters find they want to keep pushing their limits, also in ways that aren’t necessarily athletic. Some take on studies, and others leap into new careers or their own businesses. The future is there for the taking for dreamers and achievers with ambition. Be the best version of yourself.


#5 CrossFit will increase your focus and help you understand your body


Adults who have mild ADD may find practising CrossFit is a good way to gain an extra ability to focus in everyday life. CrossFit is all about short-term and long-term goals and working hard to ensure you reach them. As you start becoming accustomed to concentrating in that way, you’ll be able to stay more focused at work, while studying or during daily activities. Your friends, family and boss will thank you for it! The fifth way CrossFit can help change your life is the way it will make you super-aware of your body. You’ll learn about your muscle groups, how they work and what feels right for you. Many people go through life never entirely “in sync” with their bodies; if you can find that connection and sustain it, you’ll benefit tremendously.




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