Top 5 Silly Season Nutrition Tips

Santa isn’t the only person to indulge over Christmas. Australians on average gain 1 to 3kg over the holiday season. On Christmas day alone individuals could eat about 6000 calories — nearly three times the daily average.

So how do you fight the battle of the bulge over the break? Here are my top 5 tips to ride out the Christmas cheer.

Don’t miss breakfast: You may think this is an excellent way to save calories, but starting the day off with a healthy meal and sticking to three balanced meals per day is key.

Don’t socialise near the food: avoid recreational eating. The only thing that needs to be stuffed is the turkey. Portion control is critical during the holidays when you’re eating and socialising all of the time. After having your meal, stay away from the buffet table, so you avoid mindless grazing.

Stock your house with healthy ingredients: When you aren’t out for dinner or at a friend’s house, make sure your fridge is stocked with fresh fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy snacks. If you’re heading to an event, you gain some control by bringing a nutritious dish to eat/share or eating before you go.

Watch what you drink: Sugary sweet cocktails are packed with calories. And if you’re ordering a coffee, go for skim milk. At dinner, go for a wine spritzer and make sure you’re using soda instead of tonic water in your drinks. There are about 125 calories in a glass of tonic water while soda water is calorie-free!

Finally, take a hike: If you overdid it over the holidays, don’t beat yourself up about it. But do what you can during the break: Fit in some exercise throughout the day, if it’s a trip to the gym, a walk outside or a swim down at the beach. And the new year is just around the corner, where you can wipe the slate clean.