Stride for Hope: Join Us for the Mother’s Day Classic!

Dear Gym Community,

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are gearing up for one of our most cherished events of the year—the Mother’s Day Classic! This Sunday, we invite you to lace up your sneakers, grab your loved ones, and join us for a memorable morning of fitness and fundraising.

At BodyCare, we believe in the power of community and giving back. That’s why we’re proud to host the Mother’s Day Classic, a fundraiser dedicated to supporting breast and ovarian cancer research. It’s not just a run or walk—it’s a celebration of strength, resilience, and solidarity.

Here’s why you should be part of this incredible event:

  1. Support a Worthy Cause: Breast and ovarian cancer affect millions of women and their families worldwide. By participating in the Mother’s Day Classic, you’re contributing to vital research that could save lives and improve outcomes for those battling these diseases.
  2. Honoring Mothers Everywhere: Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives. Whether you’re a mother yourself, honoring your own mom, or paying tribute to a loved one, the Mother’s Day Classic is a meaningful way to show your support.
  3. Fitness and Fun for Everyone: Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a casual walker, or someone who loves a good sweat session, there’s something for everyone at the Mother’s Day Classic. Choose from our run or walk options, and enjoy the scenic route with your fellow gym members and community.
  4. Celebrate Together: At BodyCare, we’re more than just a gym—we’re a family. The Mother’s Day Classic is an opportunity to come together, connect with old friends, make new ones, and celebrate the spirit of camaraderie that defines our community.
  5. Make Memories: From the exhilarating rush of crossing the finish line to the heartwarming moments shared with friends and family, the Mother’s Day Classic is an experience you’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, you’ll have plenty of photo ops to capture those special memories!

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and join us this Sunday for the Mother’s Day Classic. Together, let’s make a difference and show our support for breast and ovarian cancer research.

Sign up today following the links on our recent Facebook posts, or visit the website for more information. Together, we can make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

See you at the starting line!