Will Strength Training Make Me Bulk Up?

What if I start lifting weights today and by tomorrow my arms are the size of boulders? OK, that’s a bit extreme, but many women (and some men) have a fear that if they lift a barbell too many times, they’re going to become a mass of muscles.

While everyone’s body does respond to training differently, it would take a very specific training, nutrition and supplement-taking regime to turn you into a body builder.

What does happen when we lift weights?

Lifting weights is brilliant for training your muscles and making them stronger. But without high levels of testosterone or a specific diet, it’s not going to make your muscles huge.

This means if you build and stick to a strength training regime, you’re likely to end up with toned, strong muscles.

Big guns? Not so much.

Other benefits of weight training

Apart from giving you a strong, toned body there are other benefits from lifting weights. Some of these include:

Burn more calories

Whilst hitting the treadmill is definitely going to burn calories, weight training works in a unique way to elevate your metabolism for longer.

The result is that hours after you’ve done a weights session, your body is still working to burn calories.

Shape and tone

Lifting weights will shape and tone your body. You can train specifically for the body or results you want.

Weights help you target certain areas that you’re wanting to tone or shape, in a much more concentrated and intentional way than cardio does.

Get strong bones

Strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Hot Tip: Mix it up!

Of course, the best training regime is going to be a mixture of different exercises that include weights, cardio and restoration, tailored to your body type, skills, and goals.