Workout of the Month (and a bit) – December

Give this workout a go when you’re stuck for ideas. Guaranteed to get your sweat up. Getting this one up before December hits so you can get yourself used to the idea that Christmas is on the way. Happy workout!!

  1. Rowing Machine (1000m) row 1000m as quickly as possible.
  2. [CIRCUIT SET x2 rounds] Jumping Lunges + Bicycle Crunches + Ab Planks do all 3 exercises back-to-back. For jump lunges, ascend into the air and immediately lunge with the opposite front foot. Move fluidly and continue to jump without stopping.
  3. [CIRCUIT SET x2 rounds] Burpees + Ab V-Ups + Air Squats  do all 3 exercises back-to-back. For burpees, do a push up at the bottom of each rep and jump up at the top.
  4. Rowing Machine (1500m)  row 1500m as quickly as possible.
  5. [CIRCUIT SET x2 rounds] Mountain Climbers + Medicine Ball Slams + Medicine Ball Rotational Throws  do all 3 exercises back-to-back. For throws, rip through your core and throw a medicine ball horizontally against a wall to your side.
  6. [CIRCUIT SET x2 rounds] Side Planks + Russian Twists + Double Leg Lifts  do all 3 exercises back-to-back. For Russian twists, hold a med ball or weight and tap it against the ground on either side. Keep your feet raised and balance on your butt.
  7. Incline Treadmill  set a treadmill to a 3-5 level incline. Run for 1500m on incline then reduce incline to 0 and speed up for the final 500.

Cool down and please, please, please, pretty please with cherries on top stretch after a decent workout. Your muscles can only repair if you treat them well.